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A gentle ocean breeze, seabirds circling overhead, the sand between your toes, the sound of the surf and not a care in the world. Our Freestyle and Independent package programs are designed to recharge your mind, body and soul. We offer a wide variety of vacation getaways to deserted beaches, tropical jungles, first-class resorts and villas and romantic experiences. Get lost in the moment with a Freestyle vacation getaway made especially for you. Whether you are single, a couple or you are looking for a trip for the whole family, we can provide options to fit your dreams.

FunJet Vacations

FunJet Vacations has the destination planning to exceed your needs offering more vacation options than any other tour operator. More than 20 air carriers, with over 900 destinations and 26,000 hotels complete our product line-up. We offer service to Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii, U.S. Cities, Europe and more.

Looking for a particular resort? There is an excellent chance that FunJet has it in all grades and categories.
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Check out our SOUTHERN BREEZE GOLF TOURS - golf packages for some fantastic destinations throughout the U.S!

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