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A Journey Through Italy
by Abercrombie and Kent



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Splendors of Italy by Abercrombie and Kent
Simply the Best
A Journey Through Italy
10 Day Tour
A Journey Through Italy by Abercrombie and Kent

Experience Italy like never before with this comprehensive itinerary. Discover the local markets in Rome and Venice; dine in a private Roman palazzo; exclusively visit Palazzo Corsini in Florence; attend a specialty wine, olive oil and cheese tasting at a Florentine enoteca (wine shop); learn to make tortellini in Bologna; and sample a glass of wine and traditional snacks at a Venetian bacari (wine bar).

    The A&K Advantage

    • Design Your DaySM with a selection of activities and sightseeing options available in designated cities
    • Accommodations at the most prestigious hotels in each area visited
    • First-class travel on the fast Eurostar train from Bologna to Milan, the most comfortable way to travel between the two cities
    • Freedom of choice to dine at one of A&K’s recommended restaurants in select cities
    • Personal headphones provided to ensure perfect communication with your guide in crowded areas
    • A&K’s Travelling Bell Boy® service, so you never have to have your bags out early or wait for your luggage to be delivered to your room

    Not included: travel insurance; any airfares; airport departure taxes; excess baggage fees; cost of obtaining passports or visas; gratuities to your guide; personal expenses such as meals, beverages or sightseeing not included in the itinerary;  communication charges; laundry.

    (B) Breakfast, (L) Lunch, (D) Dinner


DAYS 1-2: USA or Canada/Rome, Italy

Board an overnight flight to Rome, famous throughout history as a center of prestige, power and intrigue that legend says was built on seven hills. You are at leisure until you gather tonight for welcome drinks and dinner.
Hotel de Russie D

DAY 3: Rome and Vatican City

Discover the evocative remains of the Imperial City, starting with the Palatine Hill, where your specialist guide brings to life the legend of the city's beginning in the eighth century BC under Romulus and Remus. Pass by the imposing Arch of Constantine to visit the mighty Colosseum that once seated 50,000 spectators who came to watch gladiatorial contests and mock naval battles. After an al fresco lunch, head to Vatican City. Admire the stunning collection of antiquities, paintings and objets d'art in the vast museum, gaze at the Sistine Chapel's famous ceiling painted by Michelangelo and marvel at the great St. Peter's Basilica.

Hotel de Russie B L

DAY 4: Rome

Get a sense of Rome's local character when you walk through one of the most attractive and atmospheric districts of the city. Start in the Campo de Fiori, filled with delightful food markets, and continue through a labyrinth of small lanes to the Piazza Navona, site of a former athletics stadium and today dominated by the Baroque Fountain of the Four Rivers. Continue to the famous Pantheon, a first-century temple, and later throw a coin over your shoulder into the iconic Trevi Fountain. Conclude your visit at the foot of the famous Spanish Steps on the Piazza di Spagna. Dine tonight in an opulent 17th-century private palace.

Hotel de Russie B D

DAY 5: Rome/Florence

Board a fast intercity train to Florence, a paradise for art lovers, and after lunch, join your local guide for a walking tour to see the monument A&K has adopted as part of the Save the Monuments project. Visit the great Duomo, whose revolutionary dome by Brunelleschi inspired Michelangelo. Continue to the Uffizi Gallery, housing masterpieces that include Carravagio's Medusa, Botticelli's Birth of Venus, Leonardo da Vinci's Annunciation and Raphael's Madonna of the Goldfinch. Later, walk across the famous Ponte Vecchio.

Hotel Savoy B L D

DAY 6: Florence

From Piazzale Michelangelo, take in the panoramic view across the city and then visit the exquisite 11th-century church of San Miniato al Monte. Admire Michelangelo's David in the Galleria dell'Accademia. Pause to sample wine, olive oil and cheese in an enoteca (wine shop) and, after a light lunch, stroll through the Oltrarno on the south side of the River Arno, where medieval streets are lined with artisan workshops. Continue to Palazzo Corsini for a private visit of their large collection of Italian art.

Hotel Savoy B L

DAY 7: Florence/Bologna/Venice

Drive to Bologna to see the 14th-century basilica and the beautiful church complex of Santo Stefano. Admire the city's own medieval "leaning towers." Discover why the city is known as "Bologna the Fat" with a lunch of local specialties and a private demonstration of tortellini making. Later, continue to Venice.

Bauer Il Palazzo B L D

DAY 8:

Embark on a walking tour to St. Mark's Square, home to the 11th-century St. Mark's Basilica. See the four bronze horses on the exterior and admire the interior filled with dazzling, luminous mosaics and marble floors. Continue to the Doge's Palace, symbol of Venetian power and glory as well as being the residence of the Doges until the 18th century. Design Your Day this afternoon from a selection of options listed below. This evening, attend a farewell dinner.

Design Your Day - Venice: Choose an excursion to the Lagoon Islands, including Murano, famous for its glass, and Burano, known for its lace. Alternatively, join your local guide for an afternoon walking tour to visit the famous Peggy Guggenheim Collection of modern art.

Bauer Il Palazzo B D

DAY 9: Venice

Glimpse local life with a visit to the market district. Then try Venetian cuisine at a bacari, a small wine bar that serves un'ombra (a small glass of wine) with cicheti (traditional snacks). Admire Madonna and Child by Bellini and Titian's Assumption of the Virgin at the Gothic Frari church. This evening, enjoy a gondola ride as you are serenaded by musicians before attending a farewell cocktail party.

Bauer Il Palazzo B

DAY 10: Venice/USA or Canada

Board your homebound flight. B


2010 PRICE PER PERSON (land arrangements)
10 Days | Departs Monday, returns Thursday | Limited to 24 passengers

May - Jul; Sep
Double occupancy $9,995 $10,790
Single supplement $3,130 $3,820

A&K's signature Travelling Bell Boy Service is offered throughout the program.


* Holiday surcharge may apply. Call for details.
Departure dates, prices and availability may change at any time.

Prices and departures may vary from what is displayed on this web site. Please call us at 877-510-4653 to confirm the latest pricing and departure information.

Splendors of Italy
10 Day Tour
Abercrombie and Kent ITALY
From $9,995USD
Simply the Best!

Prices are per person, based on double occupancy. 
Offer subject to availability and change without notice.

Certain restrictions may apply. Airfares if included are based on departure from New York.
For year 2011, departures are subject to itinerary and price modifications.

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Splendors of Italy by Abercrombie and Kent
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It’s Simply The Best Way To Travel

Some people collect travel destinations the way others collect Biedermeier furniture or presidents’ autographs.

What’s come onto the market this year? Bhutan? Libya? Mongolia? Why not fly over this summer and add it to the collection?

Others travel for an entirely different set of reasons. Reasons which have less to do with collecting countries (who needs another trophy on the shelf?) than with gathering experience.

If you’re a member of the latter group, you know that, at its best, a journey down the Sepik River or up Mount Kilimanjaro, across Provence or along the Antarctic Peninsula, can change you deeply in ways both tangible and intangible, acknowledged and unavowed.

However, when changing the way you look at the world is one of your travel objectives — when authentic experience matters more to you than casual acquisition — the travel company you choose has a tall order to fill.

That’s where Abercrombie & Kent comes in.

Since 1962, A&K has been doing one thing exceptionally well. We specialize in matching unique people with unique places, and in providing the expertise and (unobtrusive) support that allows them to experience those places fully, at first hand and in their own personal style.

It’s simply the best way to travel. And it requires a unique combination of local knowledge and global organization that only Abercrombie & Kent is equipped to provide.

The travel industry is filled with companies who own only their brochures and a handful of contracts with independent suppliers overseas. In contrast, A&K has its own network of offices (48 and counting) across the globe, staffed full time by A&K professionals. We own and operate luxury camps and lodges in remote destinations to ensure that our clients have access to the best.

And we draw on the knowledge, humor and creativity of an incredible team of staff members and local “friends of A&K,” to bring you face-to-face with an Antarctic iceberg the size of Chartres Cathedral, or make it possible for you to walk around Chartres itself with an expert on its stained glass. To set you down for a private picnic a deux in the middle of the African savannah or give you and the children your own tropical island for a day.

Experience does count. Ours will make yours unforgettable.

A&K - The First Name in Luxury Travel

For more than forty years, Abercrombie & Kent (A&K) has been internationally recognized as the first name in luxury travel. Born in 1962 as a safari company in Nairobi, Kenya, A&K's unparalleled travel and tour operations now extend across the far and exotic reaches of the globe. A&K takes its travelers on extraordinary journeys-in extraordinary style-to more than one hundred countries on all seven continents. The company's tours and safaris span the globe from Africa to the Middle East, India and Nepal; from the Orient to Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific; and from Europe to Central and South America and Antarctica. Forty-five destination management companies ensure the "insider access" that only a local staff can provide.

A&K’s impressive and enticingly varied list of luxury and adventure holidays combine active days with comfortable, luxuriant nights. Small group escorted journeys allow guests to confidently travel to places they might otherwise hesitate to go on their own, with a choice of itineraries at varying levels of luxury. Family holidays are tailored to the interests, attention spans and abilities of all ages, with comfortable hotels and comforting meals, and, most importantly, a friendly guide who understands children. Tailor made private travel offers independent travellers meticulous attention to detail, safety and customer service. These lifestyle-oriented programs are one reason why A&K was honored at the World Travel Awards as “World’s Leading Luxury Specialist Tour Operator.”

Geoffrey Kent, who along with Jorie Butler Kent owns and operates A&K, was born-most fittingly-while his British parents were on safari in Zambia. Indeed, he spent much of his childhood on the African continent. In 1962, Geofrey Kent, along with his parent's Colonel John and Valerie Kent, formed Abercrombie & Kent.

In the 1970s, Geoffrey Kent, who by then had long been the Managing Director of the company, entered into a partnership with Jorie Ford Butler of Oak Brook, Illinois, to run A&K. They continue to travel the world in search of adventures that will surprise and thrill their guests. Under their passionate and visionary guidance-Geoffrey Kent serves as Chairman and CEO, Jorie Butler Kent as Executive Vice Chairman - Abercrombie & Kent represents the uncompromising best at every turn in the road.

With a philosophy that is governed in equal parts by the Kents' unswerving commitment to conservation and their mission to provide "memories of a lifetime," A&K goes to seemingly limitless lengths to design tours that offer privileged access and special insight. Further distinguishing A&K is the fact that the company owns luxury safari lodges in pristine wilderness areas, including Chief's Camp and Chobe Chilwero in Botswana; exclusive rights to camps with some of Africa's finest game-viewing; a fleet of comfortable, well-maintained ground transport vehicles; and the Sun Boats on the Nile. A&K also creates unique travel experiences built around the luxury trains of Venice Simplon-Orient-Express and the Royal Scotsman; the Road to Mandalay river cruiser and 29 canal and river cruisers in Europe; and the legendary Sea Cloud, the world's most beautiful sailing ship.

Abercrombie & Kent's headquarters are in Oak Brook, Illinois. Forty-seven offices worldwide, employing more than 1,700 travel professionals, offer unrivaled attention to detail, safety issues and service standards.

A deep-rooted concern for the natural world infuses each and every A&K trip: Geoffrey Kent and Jorie Butler Kent believe passionately in "high-yield, low-impact" tourism-adventure that respects the natural environment and benefits indigenous peoples. They are the founders of Friends of Conservation and the Abercrombie & Kent Global Foundation, established to address global environmental and conservation concerns. Among its achievements have been significant contributions to the preservation of Kenya's famed Masai Mara Game Reserve, as well as to anti-poaching and environmental education projects on all seven continents.

Abercrombie and Kent is a NON-FEE/no discount buy

We will not charge a fee for any/all tour planning for Abercrombie and Kent. Our services are absolutely free when servicing this quality program. Additionally, no travel agent or web-based travel concern is allowed to discount when representing Abercrombie and Kent and any of its affiliated touring companies. Rest assured, you will receive the quality that you expect and the unique value of a well-designed tour program from the beginning and planning stage to the culmination of this exceptional journey.

Experience the Abercrombie and Kent Difference with Gardner Travel!

Simply the Best!
Abercrombie & Kent is proud to have received the following:
Recommend Magazine
“Best Africa/Middle East Tour Operator” - December 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000
Men’s Journal
“10 Great Companies to Work For” - November 2004 
“Best of the Web” - April 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001
Elite Traveler
“Wonders of the World: Machu Picchu”, Juan Lazo, Best Guide - January 2004
World Travel Awards
 “World’s Leading Luxury Specialist Tour Operator” - 2003
 “World’s Leading Villa Operator” - 2003
Travel + Leisure Magazine
 “Best Tour Operator and Safari Outfitter” - 2004 (#12), 2003 (#5), 2002 (#2), 2001 (#1), 2000 (#2), 1999 (#1), 1998 (#1), 1997 (#1), 1996 (#1)
 “Top Guides in Africa” – Joseph Ndunguru, Gavin Ford - 2001
Conde Nast Traveler
“Readers’ Choice Awards: Top 15 African Safari Camps”
   Olonana and Chief’s Camp - 2004
   Chief’s Camp - 2003
   Chobe Chilwero -2002
“The World’s Best Places to Stay,” Gold List
   Chief’s Camp - January 2004
   Chobe Chilwero - 2003
“The Greatest Travel Pros on Earth”
“A&K has access to places and people that other operators in China don’t – including some of the top English speaking guides. Hatherly is a cultural encyclopedia, Chen a whiz with logistics.” - 2003
"Reader’s Choice: Top 20 Small-Ship Cruise Lines" - 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997
Gavin Ford, “15 Best Safari Guides” - 2002
Ecotourism Award – Special Mention - 1996
Conde Nast Traveller (UK)
"World's Best Tour Operator” - 2004 (#3), 2003 (#5), 2001 (#2), 2000 (#1), 1999 (#1)
Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report
“Favorite Hideway Resorts of the Past 25 Years”, Chief’s Camp - 2004
“Favorite Worldwide Travel Adventures”, Olonana, Chief’s Camp - 2004
“Previewing Heaven: 15 Worldwide Hotels with Drop-Dead Views”, Chief’s Camp - 2003
“Top 20 Hideaway Gems,” World’s Best Hotels, Resorts & Hideaways, Chief’s Camp - 2002
Travel Agent Magazine
“Leaders in Luxury,” Geoffrey Kent - 2002
World Travel & Tourism Council
Green Award for Corporate Social Leadership in Travel & Tourism - 2002
Town & Country
Gavin Ford, “Top Guides in Africa” - 2001
Queen’s Award for Enterprise
(A&K Europe) - 2001, 2000
Chevron Conservation Award
Jorie Butler Kent - 1999
Environmental Award - 1992


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